your design process

Whether designing a website, a brochure or an event Evolve Creative follows a comprehensive process to ensure
the best results are delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Getting the right solution for you means "walking in your shoes"

Understanding Your NeedsDefining what your business wants to achieve from its new design project
TeamingCrafting a design spec that meets your objectives: design, technical solution, budget and timeframe
BrainstormingOur team is dedicated to thinking about your challenge
ConfirmingEnsuring our initial ideas
are on track
DesigningGetting our creative passion working to design inspiring and innovative solutions for you
PresentingThe initial concepts to you, typically a selection of concepts are offered for you to choose
SelectingThe best design option and offer input on any changes
RefiningTo perfect the full design solution and technical specification
LaunchingThe highlight of the process, launching your new designs