your brand

Designing a brand identity is one of the most exciting and important processes in the evolution of any company. At Evolve Creative we believe that a brand identity must truly reflect the essence and business strategy of that organisation - it's the symbol that reinforces a companies purpose and vision.

In developing a brand identity for you we would seek to truly understand your purpose and vision. This typically means working closely with you to understand:

  • Internal Factors
    Your product - what you do?
    Your positioning in the market - what makes you distinctive and competitive?
    Your people - what characterises your people and how you want to reflect this in your corporate identity
    Your aspirations - how do you intend to grow your company?
  • External Factors
    Who are your clients?
    Where are your clients?
    Who are your competitors?
    What do your clients want and need from you?
  • Once we understand your company we can develop a Corporate Identity that truly reflects what you stand for.